Wendy G. (Fort Langley, B.C)
"At age 57 I began my fitness training under the guidance of Stephanie from Lotus Health and Fitness.  Now, two years later, I have more than doubled my upper body endurance level, toned and strengthened all muscles, significantly improved my balance and lost weight-all in the comfort and privacy of my home.  Stephanie's excellent program design, her professionalism and her cheerfulness have made my training sessions thoroughly enjoyable, and I look forward to continuing my weekly sessions with her in the coming years."

Leo and Betty (Langley, B.C)
"We appreciate the 'personal' part of personal training. Stephanie tested both of us at the beginning and then designed programs that were exactly suited to our needs - starting us each from where we were and then moving us forward. Then, each week, she starts off with 'how are you doing today?' and adjusts the planned training to take into account any issues we might be having. Usually, we can feel the muscles that Stephanie has been targetting the next day (we call that being 'Stephanied') - it's just a great reminder that progress is being made and that we are doing something positive for ourselves."


Nicole S. (Vancouver, B.C)
"Stephanie has taught me that working out is not just about changing your physical appearance; it is about changing your entire lifestyle.  From nutrition, to physical activity, to proper sleeping patterns, Stephanie has altered my lifestyle for the better.  Not only have the inches melted off in the year I have been training with her, I also feel happier and am more productive in my day-to-day life."