Lotus Health and Fitness offers a variety of services, including:

Personal Training Sessions:
Our personal training sessions are designed around your specific goals and needs.  We conduct an in depth analysis of everyone we train.  Training programs are then put together based on what our clients needs and what they are looking to achieve.  No matter where you are at physically Lotus' training sessions will help you meet all of your fitness needs. All sessions are one hour long and include cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training.    

 Small Group Training Sessions:  the best of both worlds!  Bootcamp meets personal training.  Grab a couple of your closest friends, co workers or family members and book a small group session.  A great idea to keep each other accountable with your training and push each other to help achieve your health and fitness goals.  

Group settings are a great way to stay motivated and push yourself.  Our group training sessions are a great idea if you are looking to shape up for a special event or just improve your overall fitness.  All boot camps are held at George Wainburn Park.  A mat/ towel, theraband and a great attitude is all you need! 

Custom Fitness Programs: 
After a full body composition analysis we will develop a training program to meet your specific needs and to help you attain your health and fitness goals.  These custom program will be designed specifically just for you.

Full Body Composition Analysis:
Weight is not an accurate measurement of health.  Lotus' Body composition testing will help give you a better idea of where you are at physically, allowing you to set realistic and measurable goals.  Our body composition analysis includes body fat testing, body measurements, flexibility analysis and functional assessments.  Body composition analysis is a great way to measure your progress from your fitness routine and such  things as over-training and training plateaus.  

Nutritional Guidance:  Getting into shape is not just about working out.  Nutrition is a huge part of health and fitness that far to often gets  over looked.  By understanding what we are putting into our bodies and the effect that certain types of food has on us is a crucial part to our overall health.  We will help teach you what and when to eat certain types of food to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  

 Additional services include: corporate wellness programs, group cooking parties and lunch and learns.  

 Contact:stephanie@lotushealthandfitness.ca for more detail information in regards to any of our services.